Volunteer As a Psychologist at  TherapyKaro

Covid-19 Pandemic – Crisis Psychologist Volunteering Team 

Full-Time Psychologist Volunteering Program to help People Going through Mental Health Crisis

Duration – 2 Months
Preference – Full-Time Psychologist Volunteers
Hours – 4-6 Hours Daily
Certification of Volunteering will be provided

Volunteer with us and provide online therapy and Counselling. Join the team of the best Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Counsellors, Mental Health Therapists.

Steps To Enroll for the Psychologist Volunteering Program

Only if you are dedicated for 2 months to provide free online therapy and services to the people, we will approve your application. We are seeking top therapists who can provide quality mental health therapy sessions to people in need.

Who Can Apply ?

  • Counselling/Clinical Psychologist
  • Psychiatrist
  • Child Psychologist
  • Marriage Counsellor

You must have the relevant degree. Application won’t be approved otherwise.

Step 1 : Fill the Google Form

Provide the details as per your full capacity. Providing Professional Photos and Video about yourself is compulsary.

Step 2 : Wait for Confirmation

You will get confirmation o your Email/Phone no. provided if you are selected. We will select you on the basis of your google form. Interview may happen in few cases. 

Step 3 : Get Added on our WEbsite

Your Profile Will be made on our Website

Start Volunteering and Providing Help

Start Providing Mental Health Services. This will be guided your mentor. All the processes and details will be taken care of from our side.

Volunteer as a Psychologist 

Providing the Biggest Platform for Free Online Therapy and Counselling to the People in the Crisis.

Get Listed with Verified Psychologists

Your Profile Details will be shared with the Qualified Experts on our Website.

Full Time Volunteering

This Volunteering will require 4-6 Hours every day. We are not seeking part-time volunteers presently who can’t dedicate 4 hours minimum. Only Dedicated Psychologists will be taken.

Flexible Hours

Engage with clients whenever and wherever works best for you. You can fix the session with the clients as per your needs.


Certification of Volunteering

Get Certification of Volunteering for 2 Months. Signed by a Certified Psychologist. It will mention that you have helped people during the pandemic.

Gain Experience and Expertise

Our Senior Experts will be there to guide you in the best way possible.

Sample Certificate